Everything You Need to Know About Joining Slimming World

Join Slimming World Group membership, Online membership, or both? You’ve probably asked yourself this question as you’ve read through our website because we don’t just offer one option. We offer three ways to join Slimming World, and all of them are fantastic! Which one will be best for you? Today, we’re going to explain the differences between Group membership and Online membership so that you can decide which one you’d like to try first!

How to join Slimming World

It is a good idea to join online as it can help you prepare for your first meeting if you feel ready for it. When thinking about joining online, you should consider two options: join online or join in person. If you would like to go and talk about dieting with a dietician first before joining online, then going on face-to-face is perfect for you. Make sure that before thinking about coming on face-to-face that it will benefit what your goals are.

What can I eat?

The first step is making sure you understand how WW works concerning food. Start by looking at our plan and then consider downloading our app—it’s a great way to stay on track while you’re out and about. And if you have any more questions, head over to The Forum! We have loads of members ready and waiting to help. How do I find meetings?: Finding meetings can be tough for newcomers (and even some long-term members!). So we put together a handy guide to finding sessions that can be found here. It covers everything from your local area to tips for when you travel. But if you still can’t find what you need, don’t worry!

Why is this different from other diets?

If you have asked yourself, is the slimming world different from other diets? Then you have made your first step in creating a change. Since joining the slimming world has transformed my life, I would like to share my experiences with others so that they too can benefit. Not only is it effective, but also it is affordable and convenient. Before starting a diet or weight loss program, the most common question is how long will it take me to see results? One of many great things about joining the slimmers world group is that there are no guarantees about how quickly you will lose weight.

How do I get started?

If you’re unsure which plan is right for you, ask yourself a few simple questions. How much weight do I want to lose? Do I need help with portion control? Do I prefer an online or group diet program? Are my dietary habits okay with low-carb options, or am I looking for a ketogenic approach? Am I concerned about eating dairy or gluten? Is convenience important for me, or do I like taking my time on meals and snacks? Have trouble deciding between meal delivery, a personal coach, and online programs? Our diet experts can answer all your questions and help point you in the right direction!

How do I access online support?

Online support is crucial for long-term success with SW, and you can be assured that online support isn’t just something we do. Our online chat facility and forums are open 24/7 and offer expert advice and support from other members who have ‘been there. If you prefer communicating via email or text message, you can also speak directly to your consultant (as well as be able to send her a direct message). If you’re stuck, all of our consultants will come and visit you at home, giving you one-to-one advice, help with your plan, and monitor your progress – free of charge!

Why are there no meetings?

Yes, children can join with their parents. If your child is under seven years old, they will be assessed a nominal fee of £10 per meeting until they are 12 years old. They will not be charged a fee from then onwards, but you may choose to pay for them at each session if you wish. For those aged between 13 and 18, there is a small charge of £20 per meeting. However, some discussions charge no fee for young adults, so please ask when booking if you are in doubt. Some groups do not accept young adults on certain days, and we recommend that you ask about each group at the time of booking. Many groups also provide separate meetings for parents only where it’s easy for children to get involved, both during and outside of meetings.

What if I need extra help?

Members and volunteer leaders run all local groups. To find your nearest group visit our Meetup page. If you can’t find a group near you, why not contact one of our team? We’re always happy to help you or try setting up your own! To set up your group, visit our starting a meeting page here.

Can children attend meetings or join with their parents?

Children can attend meetings, but they aren’t allowed to join independently. Parents are always invited as guests, and they have a responsibility to make sure that younger children at home follow all of their recommended diet changes. Any child who wants a custom program can start when they turn 16 and continue throughout adulthood. Children will also automatically be added to their parents’ membership if an adult member permits them to be included in a group plan. Parents are encouraged to bring their children along if they want guidance from an expert during mealtime and grocery shopping.

Do they run in your local area?

Yes, you’ll be able to find a local group in your area. If you can’t find one, there’s also an online community where you can discuss diets and get advice from professionals. In some areas, they run meeting classes that will teach you how to follow their plan; these are normally structured over several weeks and cost a fee.

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