Losing Weight : My 3-Month Results

I started using Slimming World in October 2015, and I weighed myself again on January 2nd, 2016, to see how much weight I’d lost in the three months since then. I found that I’d lost 8 pounds overall in that time, which surprised me! Here are some tips and tricks to help you lose weight with Slimming World.


The numbers on my scales in June 2015 couldn’t have been more sobering: I was ten stone, 8lb (71kg), and had a BMI of 26.3, classifying me as overweight. I knew that if I continued eating and exercising like I was, I’d eventually be obese—it wouldn’t take long at all. So I decided to start counting calories on an app called Lose It! and started walking for half an hour every day. On average, I was consuming 2,000 calories per day; by September 2015, I’d lost just over one stone (6.5 pounds).

In September 2015, after three months of tracking calories and walking daily, I joined Slimming World.

Week 1 of 3

The first week has been ok. I started feeling better almost immediately, and I’ve had good energy levels. The diet isn’t too bad as there are lots of free food, for example in a month you get 24 free snacks. It is also straightforward to follow. I haven’t weighed myself yet, but I have noticed that my clothes are looser than before, and it feels like I have lost some weight already! I haven’t done any exercise because I don’t need to atm. But it is something that will be on my mind moving forward as it is an essential part of losing weight effectively. So far, so good!

Weeks 2 and 3

By weeks 2 and 3, I was still losing weight steadily. I’d already lost 7 pounds in two weeks, so it seemed like things were going to plan. By week three, however, my efforts came to a grinding halt. Despite eating less and exercising more, I still managed to gain 1 pound that week! To lose weight at a steady rate of 1 lb per week (instead of gaining), you need to reduce your calories by 500 or increase your activity level by 250 calories per day.

After three months – what did I achieve?

I have lost 7 pounds; I have lost 4 inches in my waist and 2 inches off my hips. What has surprised me is that these results are almost exactly what I had hoped for. After spending so long unhappy and constantly dieting, it was beautiful to know that my hard work paid off. It’s also helped me stay motivated because I can see how far I’ve come on paper. Seeing those numbers go down makes me want to do even better so that in three months, I will be closer to my goal weight!

What did it cost me?

When you have a specific goal for your weight loss, it’s easier to stay motivated. For example, maybe you want to fit into a pair of jeans you bought three years ago but couldn’t get past your thighs before. Just keep in mind that not all goals are realistic—if losing 10 pounds in two weeks would mean giving up ice cream for life and working out three hours a day, doable goals might be more appropriate. Make sure your why is strong enough to stick it out when things get tricky!

Why do you want to lose weight?

In three months, I lost 8 pounds by eating carefully and cutting out bad habits like drinking alcohol and snacking late. Looking back on my journey, I’m even more motivated to continue being healthy so that my kids can grow up knowing a fit mommy who eats well and works out. Being a parent has given me a new perspective and made me realize how important it is to take care of myself now to be here for them—and their children!—in years to come.

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